Stena Line ships to be lengthened in Turkey have new names!

The names of the two modern RoPax ferries are now official! Both ferries are due to start operating on the route between Nynäshamn in Sweden and Ventspils in Latvia during 2021 and will add a further 30 percent freight capacity and offer an attractive alternative way to travel on the Baltic Sea.

Stena Line ships to be lengthened in Turkey have new names!
17 February 2021 - 11:28

Welcome Stena Baltica and Scandica!

After receiving close to 600 name suggestions from customers online the decision is – Stena Scandica and Stena Baltica. The two modern RoPax vessels were built at the Italian shipyard Visentini in 2005 and have been operating on Stena Line’s Irish Sea route between Belfast and Liverpool for the last 10 years, with the names Stena Lagan and Stena Mersey.

Before they start operating on their new route in the Baltic Sea the two vessels will be modernised and lengthened by sister company Stena RoRo, as well as receive new names. 

“The new vessel names connect with our Scandinavian heritage as well as the region where they will operate. The vessels will add a brand new modern onboard experience for both travel and freight customers on the Baltic Sea”, says Johan Edelman, Trade Director Baltic Sea North. 

The lengthening project

The first of the two vessels, Stena Scandica (ex. Stena Lagan) is currently undergoing a ground-breaking conversion at the Sedef Shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey. It will join the Stena Line fleet and start operating on the Nynäshamn-Ventspils route during the first quarter of 2021. 

The second vessel, Stena Mersey, is still operating on the Irish Sea where it will be replaced by Stena Line’s new E-Flexer, Stena Embla, when it arrives from China in the new year. It will be modernised and lengthened during the spring at the same shipyard and will rejoin the fleet and start sailing on the Baltic Sea before the summer. She will inherit the classic Stena Line vessel name Stena Baltica.  

A ground-breaking conversion

The two vessels will be lengthened with a 36 metre mid-section. After the conversion they will be 222 metres long and have a capacity of 200 cabins, 970 passengers, and 2,875 freight lane meters plus the additional car deck; adding another 30 percent freight capacity on the route. To increase the loading efficiency, they will also be modified with drive-through capabilities on two levels. The vessels will also be fitted with hybrid scrubbers. 

“We have seen an increase in demand from our customers across the Baltic Sea region. We are now strengthening our position and customer offer further with new modern vessels, more capacity and an attractive onboard experience on both our routes to and from Latvia during 2021″, says Johan Edelman, Trade Director Baltic Sea North. 

The quick specs

The interior will be updated to Stena Line’s familiar Scandinavian, light, and spacious design. The modern onboard facilities provide a safe and comfortable journey, and include:  

  • 200 cabins, including 88 brand new modern cabins with the same design as our E-flexer ferries. All cabins include TV screens. 
  • Family cabins, as well as pet-friendly cabins, and new pet kennels added onboard. 
  • Restaurant & Bar area with sea view and a café for lighter meals.  
  • Several lounge areas with reclining seats and TV screens available. 
  • Outdoor sundeck to enjoy fresh sea air and sun in the summer.  
  • Digital info screens and 24/7 guest service. 
  • Wi-Fi available in all public areas. 
  • 120 sqm. shop with great assortment and low prices. 
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