Noyan Altuğ: "Our intellectual property is high!"

Two tugboats built by UZMAR Shipping for SAAM Towage were delivered at a ceremony held today and set out for their new place of duty, Salvador.

13 March 2021 - 11:49 - Update: 13 March 2021 - 12:05
UZMAR Chairman of the Board Noyan Altuğ and SAAM Towage Technical Manager Pablo Cáceres were present at the ceremony held for the delivery of the SAAM Acaxual and SAAM Centzunat tugboats. The tugs will take part in the LNG project that Energía del Pacífico (EDP) is developing in Salvador.
Stating that the tugs were built to serve in the Pacific, Pablo Cáceres underlined that they preferred to work with UZMAR due to their high quality, high efficiency and precision on delivery dates.

"UZMAR has become a part of our team"

Stating that they are now a partner with UZMAR, Cáceres said, “We recently made the Tsimshian Warrior, the world's first MO TIER 3 tugboat with UZMAR, and started using it in Canada. We will do business in the future as well. UZMAR has become a part of our team. It was very important for the shipyard management to adapt to the contract and, of course, the supportive and highly efficient work of the friends in production. The shipyard management's adaptation to the contract and, of course, the supportive and highly efficient works of our friends in production affected our decision”.

"Our intellectual property is high"

Saying that UZMAR is a very old company, UZMAR Chairman of the Board Noyan Altuğ said; ''UZMAR is a very old company and Turkey's first pilotage and towage company. Our main strength comes from our production capacity. Our staff is very competent and experienced. We successfully reflect our precious pilots and captains experiences in our engineering and production. As UZMAR, our biggest gain is that our customers place orders from us again after receiving their products. While this brings us satisfaction, it also brings continuity with it.''

"We keep investing despite the pandemic"
Altuğ made following statements:

“Shipbuilding industry speeds up from time to time and sometimes the system slows down. This prevents shipyards from branding in certain subjects. The important thing is to highlight engineering and branding. UZMAR is a company that implements its own software. We also offer fleet management. Thus, if our customers want to consult something even after 10 years, we can respond immediately.''

“We increased our investments even during the pandemic period. We invested in our shipyard and education. We increased the number of paint halls to five. Our new hangars are 24 meters high and suitable for large blocks. We can lift blocks of 250 tons. This will allow us to build bigger ships. We are currently working in UZMAR as 1,400 people. We are a business where 10 thousand people eat bread with the sub-industry "

“We return the majority of our port earnings to production and investment, and transfer it to the training of our young sailors. This is what will improve us, grow us. Our young people need to get the most modern education."

"We are a team that adapts well"

Project Manager Arzu Toprak said that they are a team that adapts very well and that they deliver on time, including during the pandemic period.

Toprak explained the technical features of the tugboats as follows:
“Our ASD RAstar 3200W escort tugs are 32 meters tall and have 80 tons of towing power. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis in tugboats was meticulously done by Robert Allan to have the highest level of management and braking force in escort operations.''

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