Uzmar delivers SST Tsimshian Warrior

SST Tsimshian Warrior, built in Uzmar Shipyard and launched in November 2018, was delivered to the Canadian owners with the signing ceremony.

27 February 2019 - 23:04 - Update: 27 February 2019 - 23:23

Uzmar delivers SST Tsimshian Warrior

SST Tsimshian Warrior, built in Uzmar Shipyard and launched in November 2018, was delivered to the Canadian owners with the signing ceremony.

The Rastar 3200W class tugboat, built in Uzmar Shipyard, which was built in November 2018, was delivered to the Canadian owners with the signing ceremony of SST Tsimshian Warrior.

Built at Uzmar Shipyard of Turkey for SST Canada, SST Tsimshian Warrior, a Rastar3200w tugboat was delivered accompanied by a signing ceremony. General Manager Noyan Altug of Uzmar Maritime, Dirk Goudriaan and Bert Zuurmond from SAAM Smit  and A. Bram de Feijter Boskalis representing Boskalis Uzmar Shipyard staff attended ceremony.

The first speech was made by Uzmar Production Engineer Derya Tuncer. Tuncer said that they came together for the signing of the delivery of SST Tsimshian Warrior and said that  'With excitement and enthusiasm, when I was at the beginning of my career, so important to take part in a project and my seniors take my lead on this,  formans and all field staff I thank you. Seeing and watching every moment of a project is a priceless feeling of value. Let's say the ship you see is a reference to the continuation projects. I wish safe voyages, calm  seas' she said.

Uzmar Maritime General Manager Eng. Noyan Altug stated in his speech that the tugboat delivered would carry the name of UZMAR in Canada. ’Friends, this tug will carry our name to Canada,’ said Altuğ, who thanked everyone who contributed."We as a team, how we can do good work when we collaborate in Turkey have shown the result once more, "he said.

Boskalis Production Manager A. Bram de Feijter said that he was very happy to work with Uzmar for the tugboat. Then Feijter and Altug signed the paper for the tugboat delivery. Following the exchange of the gifts, a demonstration maneuver was held with the SST Tsimshian Warrior under the command of Tugmaster Cpt. Doğan.


This state of the art tug will be capable of safely performing all ship-handling roles, including berthing, unberthing, and escort duties, including in heavier weather conditions. The tug will also be fully equipped for terminal standby roles with a Fi-Fi 1 external fire-fighting system, and a towing equipment package suitable for rescue towing missions.
The new tug is designed to meet a stringent set of performance requirements that were carefully identified and verified by multiple real-time full mission bridge simulations in collaboration with British Columbia Coast Pilots, Pacific Maritime Institute, Towing Solutions Inc., Lantec Marine Inc., Robert Allan Ltd. and SST Canada. These requirements include a bollard pull of 80+ tonnes and indirect escort forces of up to 120 tonnes at 10 knots. Other principal particulars of the new RAstar 3200-Winclude:

  • Length, overall: 32.0 m
  • Beam moulded: 13.2 m
  • Depth, least moulded: 5.5 m
  • Tonnage, gross registered: 499 GRT
  • Fuel: 199 m3
  • Fresh water: 40 m3
These characteristics will make this new addition the largest and most capable escort-rated, multi-mission tug in both SST Canada’s fleet, as well as the entire west coast of Canada.
As a custom design for SST Canada’s operations, the forward fendering system has been designed to be “extra-soft” in order to reduce contact pressures on vessels that the tug may assist. A folding mast on the wheelhouse top will reduce the possibility of contact with other assisted vessels with large bow flares, such as the container ships. Also important to SST Canada’s operations is the integration of numerous safety features for future operations at gas terminals proposed on the BC Coast, including a gas detection and alarm system, explosion-proof deck equipment, remotely controlled ventilation, and other isolation controls.
This tug will also be the first in Canada to feature an IMO Tier III emissions-compliant propulsion and exhaust system. As a result, it is also expected to become one of the most emissions-friendly vessels of its type in the world when it enters service. Additional CLEANSHIP and GREEN PASSPORT notations from Bureau Veritas (BV) also help this tug stand out with superior environmental performance and reduced ecological footprint.
The tug’s full classification notation is as follows:
  • BV 1 ✠ Hull, ●Mach, Escort Tug, Fire-Fighting 1 Waterspraying, AUT-UMS, In Water Survey, Cleanship, Green Passport
Single berth, MLC-2006 compliant accommodations with full ensuite WCs in each cabin are provided for up to five crew members, with two of the cabins outfitted with Pullman type bunks to allow for surge berthing capacity. Along with a well-appointed mess/lounge and galley, the standard of accommodations on this tug will be very comfortable for a vessel of this size. A variety of noise-reducing features in the design are also expected to result in a very quiet interior environment.

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