Turkish ship "Gokbel" collided and sink off Ravenna: 2 dead

The incident occurred a mile of the harbor while the area was shrouded in a dense fog between a merchant and a turkish flying the flag of Belize. 5 of the 11 crew members were taken ashore..

Turkish ship "Gokbel" collided and sink off Ravenna: 2 dead
28 December 2014 - 16:26
One was leaving after downloading fertilizers, the other was entering to download fertilizers. The destinies of the two merchant have crossed in the morning from the port of Ravenna, about three miles offshore from the coast. 
An impact that around 8:30 made to sink in a few minutes 'Gokbel', general cargo with a gross tonnage of 2,126 tons flying the Turkish flag and with 11 crew members on board, all Turks. The '' Lady Aziza ', the flag of Belize, 3,828 gross tons and 9 crew members Syrians, has centered stern. 
At that moment, in the area visibility 'was close to zero due to a snow storm and a fog due to the temperature difference between water and air. Compounding the situation, with rough seas and force 5-6 wind from the northeast to over 50 knots. 
Among the Turks there finished immediately at sea, and those who are 'on the other hand managed to get on a lifeboat. When in the evening the research was interrupted by darkness, the provisional budget storms (19) returned two deaths. The first and 'was recovered in the water already' dead, and the other 'dead on arrival at hospital. The only identified and 'the 27 year old Emrah Karadas, grease board. For colleague lacked documents, perhaps carried away by the currents. Five other seamen were rescued and taken to hospital in Ravenna, in strong hypothermia but out of danger. Appeal lacks four men, including the captain and the first mate of the ship, lost at sea. The only hope for them and 'maybe they are able to climb at the last minute on a raft. In this case the prevailing winds may have them dragged to the south, off the coast of Cervia, the 'where the dawn of tomorrow will focus searches. The captain Giuseppe Meli, commander of the port of Ravenna, explained that the collision and 'occurred when the cargo turkish was pointing at the airport Romagna to moor at the dock of the' Nadep ', port terminal specialized in medium-sized ships. The other merchant was instead just left the dock at the same time of Porto Nogaro (Udine). After the impact, the storms (18) Turkish ship and 'lying stern at a depth of about 15 meters, while the bow and' remained out of the water now constituting obstruction to navigation. It 's the reason why one of the castaways and' stuck in the wreck. "An accident - said Meli - unique to the port of the city. '" The first alarm and 'arrived in the operations room at 8.40, triggering a massive relief effort that has involved over the Captaincy Fire brigade come from various provinces, the 118 ambulances that are concentrating on the pier of Marina di Ravenna, volunteers Civil Defence, police, state police and the Municipal Finance guard, pilots of the Port, mooring, tugs and even some fishing. Mayor Fabrizio Matteucci, who followed all the stages of the rescue staying in touch with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and regional president Stephen Bonaccini, said that at the moment there are no alarms pollution. In the afternoon, the 'Lady Aziza' and 'was made back in the dock: the prosecutor on duty Stefano Stargiotti, which together with the Chief Prosecutor Alessandro Mancini has followed the main stages of the research, it has provided the evidence. Two alleged offenses on which you must 'now necessarily reason: the shipwreck and the multiple murder manslaughter. On collision, in addition to that of the Prosecutor, and 'was also opened an investigation of the Captaincy. So much so that the military is already 'listening to summary information in the hospital a few shipwrecked survivors. To assist and 'arrived in Ravenna also turkish console. There are several hypotheses being studied by investigators to explain the reason of the crash, including a technical problem in one of the radar, but the main trail leads to an error of maneuver, for drift with one of the two merchant and the consequent devastating collision. Tomorrow morning at the Prefecture and 'was convened a meeting to take stock of the situation.
"The conditions are now appeared dramatic - explained the Chief Pilot of the port of Ravenna, Roberto Bunicci, who participated in the rescue - with heavy seas and smockingwater. We have seen many fractures of the lower limbs and hypothermia. Conditions such dramatic not remember for a long time, something similar has happened only several years ago. "
The Chief Pilot added that, during the rescue operations, the mooring boat has found itself in trouble, because of the extreme conditions of the sea - the operators of the Financial Police speak of sea between force 4 and strength 6, with visibility of 20, 30 meters - and had to get relief in turn. Are engaged in the recovery of four missing forces Financial Police, Coast Guard, Police, mooring and tugs. Meanwhile, rescue helicopters are able to leave due to improved weather and sea conditions. "Every hour from 11 official updates on the situation of #NormanAtlantic incident and further offshore from Ravenna (Turkish ship)": this was announced on Twitter by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who is in touch with the mayor of Ravenna.

Step by step Ravenna Disaster

15.15 - The victims are two 

Rises to two the number of victims of the clash between merchant happened today in Ravenna. The news on his Twitter account, the mayor of the city of Ravenna, Fabrizio Matteucci. "Tragedy of the sea - he writes - two victims, five patients out of danger, four missing. Rescue operations are continuing. "

14:51 - Relief "at full speed" 

In Ravenna proceed 'at full capacity relief operations after the accident occurred around 8:40 three miles from the mouth of the harbor. " This is what he wrote on his Facebook page, the mayor of the city of Ravenna Fabrizio Matteucci, present in the operations room of the Port of Ravenna. "Rescue operations - writes in his post - departed immediately, coordinated by the Harbour. Speakers: two patrol boats of the Captaincy, four tugs, two motorboats of the mooring, two motorboats of the pilots of the port, a motorboat of the Fire Department, a patrol boat of the Financial Police and State Police. Speakers means the Air Force. " According Matteucci, "is taken just great collaboration of all the Police, the Municipal Police and the operators of the health system. The efficiency and speed of relief is a severe trial by sea conditions that continue to be prohibitive, and very dangerous. Ever since this morning are in constant contact with the Chairman of the Board, Matteo Renzi. "

14.12 - One dead and five missing 

It was recovered a dead body, while the other five crew members of the Turkish ship - sunk in a collision with another freighter off Ravenna - were taken ashore and transferred to hospital for checks. There are still 5 seamen to recover. One of the ships had no load, the other carrying fertilizers.

13:30 - There is a victim 

There is a certified victim in the wreck. Rescuers have recovered the dead body of one of the seamen signed on merchant sunk. He reports the Resto del Carlino. The ship sank after the collision is the Gokbel, the other is the Lady Aziza who did not suffer serious damage. During recovery operations, difficult due to harsh marine conditions, the hull of the mooring has been damaged and two rescuers ended up in the sea, without sustaining injury. The first ship that sank, beats Turkish flag, as "home port" Istanbul and was in transit on Ravenna from the port of Brindisi. It was built in 2008, is 87 meters long and 13 wide and has a gross tonnage of 2,126 tons. The second is flying the flag of Belize and was built in 1991. It is 97 meters long and 16 wide for a gross tonnage of 3,828 tons. The last port touched had been to Tripoli.

12:40 - Still missing 

The collision between the two merchant took place off the coast of Marina di Ravenna, about two miles from the entrance of the harbor along the Rimini. On site are operating means of the Coast Guard and the tugs of the port of Ravenna. On the pier, for relief, were transferred to teams of the Fire Department from other provinces of the region and several ambulances. At the time of the clash - occurred, probably as a merchant entered and the other came out of the harbor - in the Ravenna was taking a heavy snowfall, which could have reduced visibility; rough - because of bad weather that weighs on the entire region - the sea off the coast of Romagna.

12:02 - New budget: are three missing 

On the dock of the Port of Ravenna are coming the first people recovered by rescuers following the clash took place off the coast of Romagna between two merchant. According to reports from the operations room of the Coast Guard, the 11 seamen who were traveling in three boats still missing while four were recovered, three are in the sea under the control of the Coast Guard who is catching them and one is entangled in a wreck but in view of the rescuers.

11:44 - Three people saved 

As reported by the Resto del Carlino, three of the eleven maritime would be saved, the other eight remain for the time being dispersed.

11:22 - On the two merchant 11 people 

On the two merchant ships, in the morning, have clashed off the coast of Ravenna traveling - in what has been learned so far - 11 people. The port of Ravenna, for relief, were transferred to teams of the Fire Department from other provinces of the region. In the clash, one of the two merchant ships sank.

11:11 - The collision with a ship of Belize 

The collision, two miles off the coast of Ravenna would involve a freighter flying the flag of Belize and one turkish.

11:02 - Wounded and missing 

There would be several injuries and some missing for the 'accident between two motor ships leaving the harbor along the Rimini. Several means of the Harbour of Ravenna and 118 are engaged in relief activities. On the pier have focused some ambulances awaiting the arrival of the castaways.

10:56 - A person rescued 

One person was recovered by rescuers already on site.

10.49 - The confirmation of the Government 

"Every hour from 11 official updates on the situation of #NormanAtlantic incident and further offshore from Ravenna (Turkish ship)." The tweets Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

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