Novorossiysk port's Q1 cargo volumes are up 0.3pc to 47.63 million tonnes

NOVOROSSIYSK Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) Group's consolidated cargo volumes rose by 0

27 June 2019 - 19:00

NOVOROSSIYSK Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) Group's consolidated cargo volumes rose by 0.3 per cent between January and April compared to the same period in 2018 to stand at 47.63 million tonnes.

Containers handled at the group's berths over the reporting period increased by 5.3 per cent year on year to reach 228,000 TEU, and amounted to 2,205,000 tonnes, representing growth of 5.7 per cent.

The key drivers were growth in crude oil transshipments, up 5.8 per cent owing to the general increase in the export of this raw material from Russia. Increase in diesel fuel shipments with a higher total cargo turnover of oil products (+6.1 per cent).

Growth in transshipment of chemical cargoes (+109.4 per cent) due to more shipments of non-hazardous mineral fertilisers in the first quarter. Growth in transshipment of iron ore raw materials rose by 33.5 per cent in comparison with a low number of shipments in the same period last year, reported Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide.

General cargo transshipments at NCSP's terminals remained at the previous year's level, totalling 5,005,000 tonnes.

Bulk cargo transshipments declined by 27.5 per cent, or 1,673,000 tonnes, compared to the same period last year to total 4,401,000 tonnes. This reduction was caused by low volumes of grain transshipments due to poorer harvest against the record figures of 2017/2018. For the reporting period of 2019, the grain turnover amounted to 2,610,000 tonnes, down 43.2 per year on year.

The cargo turnover of iron ore raw materials rose by 33.5 per cent, or 243,000 tonnes, to total 969,000 tonnes.

Coal transshipments fell by 19 per cent to 435,000 tonnes due to a significant drop in quotations on foreign markets in 2019.

The turnover of chemical products grew by 109.4 per cent, or 116,000 tonnes, to stand at 221,000 tonnes.

Liquid cargo transshipments rose by 5.6 per cent, or 1,907,000 tonnes, and totalled 35,865,000 tonnes.

The volume of crude oil transshipments was up by 5.8 per cent over the same period in 2018 and amounted to 22,722,000 tonnes. The turnover of oil products rose by 6.1 per cent, or 741,000 tonnes, and reached 12,796,000 tonnes.


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