Msc Opera allided with pier as she collided with tourist boat in Venice: 4 injured

Collision between cruise ship Msc Opera and tourist boat in Venice: 4 injured people

02 June 2019 - 14:16

Collision between cruise ship and tourist boat in Venice: 4 injured people

Some people jumped into the water. Msc: "Ship had a technical problem". The mayor Luigi Brugnaro is on the spot and has given the disposition to cancel the regatta and the procession of the Sensa, a wedding party with the sea, to give priority to relief. "Stop great ships at the Giudecca. We demand the opening of the Vittorio Emanuele"

The tourist boat has been evacuated

In all there would be 4 people injured in the collision in the lagoon in Venice following the impact between the cruise ship MSC Opera and a tourist vaporetto (with 110 passengers on board) in the Giudecca canal. The latter was damaged by the impact. At the moment they are not missing. The nationality of the bruised is still unknown. The vaporetto involved was used as a tour of the Venetian villas along the Brenta river. The MSC involved in the ramming is an eighty meter boat flying the French flag registered in Strasbourg. For 30 years he has worked with Venezia da Cremona or Mantova.

President "Tugs United Panfido:" MSC had engine in failure "

"MSC's ship had an engine failure, immediately reported by the commander. The engine was blocked, but pushed, because the speed increased, as confirmed by the AIS tracks". This was said by Ansa Davide Calderan, president of "Rimorchiatori Uniti Panfido", the company that was driving the 'Opera' with two boats before arriving at the sea, before the accident. The two tugs tried to stop the 'giant', until a towline broke, severed by the impact of the river boat.

Msc: "Ship had a technical problem"

"This morning, around 8.30, MSC Opera in maneuver to approach the VTP terminal for mooring had a technical problem. The ship was accompanied by two tugs and hit the quay at San Basilio". Thus the company MSC Cruises, in a note. "At the same time there was a collision with the river boat. All the investigations are underway - continues Msc - to understand the exact dynamics of the facts, the company is ensuring maximum collaboration and is in constant contact with the local authorities.

The ship is currently waiting for the safety of the river boat and the completion of the disembarking operations of the passengers of the same. As soon as the authorization is received, it will move to be moored on the quay at Marittima, as planned, to begin passenger boarding and disembarking operations ".

Suspended procession and regatta of the Sensa. Brugnaro: "Open the Vittorio Emanuele"

The mayor Luigi Brugnaro is on the spot to analyze the situation, and he has arranged to cancel the regatta and the procession of the Sensa, a wedding party with the sea, to give priority to relief. The first citizen after hearing the telephone call from the Minister Toninelli said that it is no longer conceivable that the large ships transit in the Giudecca Canal: "We ask - he explains - immediately the opening of the Vittorio Emanuele".

Witness: "I heard ship siren sound. Some passengers threw themselves into the water"

A witness who lives in San Basilio heard the ship's siren sound loud and went out into the street. He explains: "A steward of the boat told me that at one point the top of the tugboat that ruled the ship broke and she aimed it right at the boat. Some passengers were thrown into the water and the others escaped out".

Toninelli: "Enough big ships on the Giudecca"

"Today's accident at the #Venezia port shows that the #grandinavi should no longer pass through Giudecca. After so many years of inaction, we are finally close to a definitive solution to protect both the lagoon and tourism". The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Danilo Toninelli wrote it on Twitter.

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