China-wide first half port throughput up 5.1pc to 127 million TEU

CHINESE first half port container throughput was up 5

11 August 2019 - 19:00

CHINESE first half port container throughput was up 5.1 per cent year on year to 127 million TEU, according to Ministry of Transport data, reports New York's FreightWaves.

Box volume throughout the year was steady, with month-to-month figures at the 22 million TEU mark. The exception was February, which a dipped to 16.6 million TEU because of Chinese New Year.

Seaports handled 53.8 million TEU in the first quarter and about 58.8 million TEU in the second quarter.

Of the 42 ports for which the Ministry provides figures, the top six in the first half of the year were Shanghai (21.6 million TEU), Ningbo-Zhoushan (13.9 million TEU), Shenzhen (12.4 million), Guangzhou (10.9 million TEU), Qingdao (10.3 million TEU) and Tianjin (8.3 million TEU). These top six ports account for 68.77 per cent of total China throughput.

Xiamen Port, opposite Taiwan, handled 5.36 million TEU in the first half of the year. Dalian handled 4.6 million TEU while Yingkou, Lianyungang and Rizhao together handled just over 7.3 million TEU. These five ports handled about 15.13 per cent of China's total box throughput in the first half.

So the top 10 of China's 42 seaports together account for about 92.4 million TEU, which is about 82 per cent of China's container trade.

In the first half, China's inland port throughput was 14.4 million TEU. The first quarter saw 45 per cent of that volume, 6.5 million TEU, shipped by river. The other 55 per cent, 7.9 million TEU, was shipped by river in the second quarter.

On a month-by-month basis, China's waterways ship near 2.4 million TEU a month with the exception of February, which this year just under 1.7 million TEU shipped.


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