China Merchants' Colombo port commissions new quality hazmat yard

THE Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) has announced the commissioning of a US$1

15 May 2019 - 19:00

THE Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) has announced the commissioning of a US$1.5 million storage yard for cargo classified under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, reports Colombo's Lanka Business Online.

'Safety and security are key priorities in everything we do, and this facility will significantly enhance the capabilities and reputation of the Port of Colombo,' said CICT chief executive Jack Huang.

'Being part of a global container terminal operation, CICT complies with the world's highest standards and best practices, and constantly seeks to provide value added services,' he said.

Encompassing an area with a capacity to accommodate up to 471 TEU, the facility has explosion-proof yard surfaces, manual and automatic spray-rod cooling, refrigerated storage, advanced fire control and fire fighting equipment including a sand pool and many other state of the art features.

The entire area is subjected to round-the-clock video monitoring with explosive-proof ball type cameras and explosive-proof gun type cameras, automatic sound and light alarms and anti-collision pier environment control equipment.

For environment control purposes the DGSF has been equipped with an impervious concrete surface, facilities for waste water collection and storage of drainage and storm water connections.

Managed by Hong Kong-headquartered China Merchants Ports, CICT handled 2.68 million TEU. in 2018, posting a 12 per cent increase in its annual throughput and contributing 38 per cent of the Port of Colombo's volume of seven million TEU in the year. ULCCs (ultra large container carriers) of a size that only CICT is capable of handling, contributed 70 per cent to the volumes the terminal achieved in 2018.


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