Bilfinger wins US$115 million in contacts to fit scrubbers in 70 vessels

GERMANY'sBilfinger says it has won contracts worth EUR102 million (US$115

26 February 2019 - 19:00

GERMANY'sBilfinger says it has won contracts worth EUR102 million (US$115.75 million) in total over the past two years for its scrubber technology to be fitted on 70 vessels owned by national and international shipping firms.

The company now offers its power plant flue-gas desulphurisation expertise to maritime applications by supplying both open-loop and hybrid scrubbers to shipping companies so far based in Germany and Greece, as well as a Chinese shipyard.

'There is huge potential for environmental technologies, especially in the maritime sector,' said Bilfinger CEO Tom Blade.

To meet anticipated demand, the company is looking for potential fabrication partners for flue-gas desulphurisation systems in China, London's Tanker Operator reported.

Said Bilfinger finance director Jens Borgschulte: 'The scrubber is unrivalled product that pays for itself in just one to two and a half years. The strong demand bears this out.'

In a separate development, CR Ocean Engineering (CROE) has won orders to retrofit 35 vessels owned by an unnamed US-based shipowner.

Starting with a smaller number of ships several months ago, the owner has increased the number of ships with the CROE scrubbers to 35. All the systems will be fitted this year.


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