APL-CNC and TS Lines offer weekly range of intra-Asia loops

APL of the CMA CGM Group and TS Lines are launching in mid-March a weekly intra-Asia service connecting China to southern Vietnam

19 March 2020 - 19:00

APL of the CMA CGM Group and TS Lines are launching in mid-March a weekly intra-Asia service connecting China to southern Vietnam.

Branded the North China Express 2, their joint service will be marketed by APL through its intra-Asia brand CNC (APL-CNC).

The NCX 2 service's port rotation is: Xingang, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shekou, Ho Chi Minh City (Cat Lai), Hong Kong, returning to Xingang.

Operated by three 2,800-TEU containerships, the NCX 2 will turn every three weeks.

TS Lines is contributing the newly-chartered 2,824-TEU AS Clementina and APL-CNC is providing the other two vessels: the chartered 2,702-TEU X-Press Kybher, and another yet to be named vessel.

The first sailing is scheduled to depart on March 18 from Xingang, operated by the AS Clementina.

The NCX 2 service will complement APL-CNC and TS Lines' existing joint service, NCX, which offers a similar port rotation with the exception of a call at Lianyungang, while the NCX 2 calls at Shanghai.

TS Line turns China Philippines Express into butterfly service and rebrands it MBX/CPX

TS Lines plans to adjust its South China-Philippines connection by revising its existing 'China Philippines Express' service (CPX) to offer a butterfly service that will continue on the same port rotation albeit with an adjusted port call sequence.

To be called the Manila Bay Express and/or China Philippine Express (MBX + CPX), it rotates through Shantou, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Nansha, Shekou, Manila (N + S), Nansha, Shekou, Hong Kong, Manila (N + S) and back to Shantou.

The butterfly patterned service will turn every three weeks using three ships of 1,700 TEU with the first sailing scheduled to depart on March 20 from Shantou.

The revision 'is expected to provide TS Lines with ample transit and buffer time to offer a more reliable service'.

TS Lines will also commence a weekly reefer service connecting South China and Thailand. The Thailand Reefer Express (TRX) and is due to launch on March 24.

The port rotation for the TRX service is: Hong Kong, Nansha, Shekou, Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Hong Kong.

It will turn in two weeks using the newly chartered 1,118-TEU Vega Kappa and the 1,134-TEU Asiatic BAY. Both ships feature 200+ reefer plugs.


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