SeaIntel analysts give good marks to carriers on interim results

THE latest quarterly results from the world's big ocean carriers show a more positive picture than the "horrendous second quarter of 2016", said SeaIntel Maritime Analysis' financial review.

SeaIntel analysts give good marks to carriers on interim results
06 September 2017 - 20:00 - Update: 08 September 2017 - 10:16

"We now see 10 carriers posting black figures in 2017-Q2, while only two have reported losses for the 2017-Q2 period," said the review.

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has posted a significant second quarter loss of US$81.8 million, having recorded losses in six of the past eight second quarters, they said.

Japan's MOL has reported a second quarter loss of $55.1 million, and has been posting in the red for the past seven second quarters, said SeaIntel.

"On the other hand, despite the revenue and volume loss from the cyber-security incident, we see an outstanding financial result from Maersk Line, recording EBIT of $376 million, more than three times the segment profit of second-best performing Cosco at $122 million," said SeaIntel.

The remaining eight carriers all had second quarter operating profits of less than $100 million, noted the financial review.

Cosco showed the strongest revenue growth, with a 47.3 per cent second quarter year-on-year revenue increase.

"However, this revenue growth is misleading when comparing to the other carriers, as it is partly due to the integration of CSCL," said SeaIntel.

Evergreen and HMM follow with the second and third-largest year-on-year revenue increases, of 30.3 per cent and 30.1 per cent respectively, it said.

"Maersk Line, Hapag-Lloyd, OOCL, Yang Ming and Zim all saw their revenues grow 20-25 per cent year on year in the second quarter, and much of this revenue growth is likely to be a consequence of the Hanjin bankruptcy, as the Korean carrier was still in operation.

"The remaining four carriers, Wan Hai and the three Japanese carriers, all saw much lower revenue growth of around 10 per cent year on year," said SeaIntel.

All 12 carriers have improved their profits and loss situation in 2017 over 2016.

Maersk Line again sees the greatest net improvement, turning a $123 million loss to a $376 million profit.

Cosco has seen the second-best profit improvement over 2016-Q2, at $381 million. The remaining carriers have all seen an improvement of less than $200 million.

"Interestingly, Wan Hai, the only carrier to consistently have made a profit in every second quarter for the past six years, is the carrier that has seen the smallest improvement, of just $18 million in 2017- Q2," said SeaIntel.




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