"Pilots should be sheltered from commercial pressure"

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the "Pilotage and Towage Services and Technologies Congress" held in Izmir on the first day, the Chairman of the Chamber of Shipping Engineers Chief Engineer. Feramuz Aşkın; said that the pilot should be protected from commercial exposure by the public authority while he is on duty to provide pilotage service in the public interest.

"Pilots should be sheltered from commercial pressure"
27 October 2017 - 23:19

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the "Pilotage and Towage Services and Technologies Congress" held in Izmir on the first day, the Chairman of the Chamber of Shipping Engineers Chief Engineer. Feramuz Aşkın; said that the pilot should be protected from commercial exposure by the public authority while he is on duty to provide pilotage service in the public interest.

Feramuz Aşkın, speaking at the opening of Congress said; "It is obvious that this great congress has reached the target that we are aiming at. Pilotage and towage services are of great importance in terms of ensuring the safety of our seas, our straits and our harbors. What does it mean to ensure the safety of our seas, our straits and our harbors? We are talking about the sustainability of a gigantic mega-city with a population reaching 17 million, for example, services that are important at this time. " said. Aşkın, continued as follows:

"This Congress is not similar in Turkey, very few in the world"

"These services are very important in terms of protection and sustainability of the marine ecosystem. We have to bring together our valuable technical experts and academicians how to provide the continuity of these services and new developments in these services and what they should do for them. In this way, we can see how we need to develop more in which areas we need to take a picture of ourselves so that we can begin to develop techniques and methods that have not yet been implemented in the world, if we can come up with the experts and academicians who are examining and carrying out a lot of important studies. this congress is very important to do so, and on the basis of these services, there is a need for a further development of services and a further enhancement of safety. I am thankful to all the participating institutions and organizations that contributed to this congress. "

"Turkey has a mixed structure in pilotage, there is no similarity in the world"

"As you are familiar with, our country is providing pilotage and tugboat services in a mixed structure in terms of organizational structure, and the government also provides these services, commercial companies that are formed by professionals with cooperative structure, ports as well as companies established for purely commercial purposes. When we look at this structure in the world, we see that in a very few countries, a composite structure of three or four together, although each one dominates one country.  It is indispensable in terms of ensuring the safety that the pilot is protected from pressure, especially under commercial pressure, if the service of the pilot  is seen to be delivered to the ship but the public interest is the ultimate customer. The 1979-Independent and 1994-Nassia tanker accidents that took place in the Istanbul Strait have shown to us that the results of accidents may be catastrophic. Maritime transport is often a non-alternative transport. "

"The rate of pilot use in the Turkish Straits has not reached the desired levels"

"I mentioned the mixed pilotage system in Turkey and there are important pilotage areas in Turkey.They are very important waterways connecting the Turkish Straits, the Black Sea and the Black Sea with the other seas and the outside world.In this system an artificial channel is planned to be added to this system. The International Maritime Organization IMO strongly recommended to use of pilot to all captains of the ships passing through the Turkish Straits  by the Resolution 827 of the International Maritime Organization dated in 1994. It is also in our national regulation that we can not is similar in Article 27 of the "Turkish Straits Maritime Traffic Regulations" which is undoubtedly aimed at bringing marine safety to the highest level in the Turkish Straits and reducing the risks to a minimum. Important papers on these issues will be presented.

"How will autonomous vessels affect the pilot's profession?"

"We are constantly developing in technology and this development is also affecting maritime technology especially the revolutionary innovations about autonomous vessels.How will the two basic services, pilotage and towage which will be affected from the future  autonomous vessels? A tugboat built by Sanmar, a major towage organization and  tug builder from Turkey, was taken off the port by a fully ground-based operator in the Netherlands and was then piloted back to the  port, all in remote operation and all the crew were on board but  made no intervention. That demonstrates Turkey's capacity to produce this high technology. So  one of the main topics of this congress is that how autonomous vessels will effect maritime professions?  For example, what happens when the autonomous vessels start to navigate between  ports after 10-20 years? How will the systems on the ship integrate with the systems in the ports? Of course, there are many things that the maritime industry can learn from the aerospace industry in this area, just asthey did in the past. There are many valuable articles presented to this congress that show how closely we follow the developments in the world. "

"All the organizations participated in the preparation of the Congress"

"When preparing the congress, we took great care to bring all the organizations in Turkey together, we selected ourselves specific topic titles and created working groups on them, and as a result we aimed to contribute to the pilotage and towage services both nationally and internationally. For example, we do not have a standard world brought in by talking between pilot and tugboat master on port maneuvers.We have done a study that we can bring to such a standard.We have also worked on the training and certification of tug captains.Our other work is training and certification of mooring personnel It was about it. "

"We wanted to create a regional pilotage forum"

"Another work on behalf of our country and on behalf of the development of the course  was to establish a regional pilotage forum.It was aimed at collecting the Black Sea countries around this forum under the leadership of Captain Cahit Istikbal who has served as Vice President as IMPA Vice President for many years. The reason to create this platform was to enable pilots to gather and exchange information. This is a long-term work which we just initiated."

"We wanted to bring the user's requirements to the tugboat with the builder"

"At this congress,  three concepts come to the forefront..The first is the pilotage.The second is the tugboat.The third is the technology.Three words, three concepts.The tugboat has the elements, too.To the tugboat, we focus on the most important aspects of how to build and use the built ones in the most convenient way in terms of their use methods and of course the bollard pull of the tugboats is of course important but not the only factor.The maneuvering suitability and capabilities are also important. Naturally, the technique of using tugboats is important, and at this point, the consumer and the manufacturer have to cooperate very closely, we have to demand what we want from the tug builders and direct them. We look at the biggest leading tugboat producers in our country today, as well as providing tugboat services and even pilotage services. For example, we are successful tug builders who build and specialize in tugs such as Sanmar, Uzmar, Medmarine. Of course, there are many other tug manufacturers in the private sector that I can not count as the names of the shipyards. We are proud of them, of course. What I want to emphasize here is that  builders and the users are integrated so that the tugboat can be successfully produced and sold. I am sure that the issues discussed in this congress will also contribute to this integration and this success. New types of tugboats are emerging and evolving. In the past, there were mainly tug boats of Voith and ASD as well as conventional tugboats. Now the rotor tugboats are on the stage. These new tugs are being produced in our country. And of course there is a fuel issue.Economy is important. LNG-fueled tugboats were produced in our country. By Sanmar"

"We have to keep pace with the speed of others"

"Today's world is described by the words of change and evolution, to learn before and to be one step ahead, everyone is working for it, even if we can not be ahead, we have to keep pace with at least the speed of others. It is therefore necessary to be very cautious when making changes to this profession, when it is proposed, or when going through any changes in training, qualification and operational procedures of maritime pilots.It is not a contribution to the sustainability of our country's maritime safety, from the practice of breaking away from the experienced professional representation associations/organizations in the world and our country. Maritime safety has gained more importance than ever and the current system has also been successful in our country parallel to the practices in the world. The most critical role in ensuring this safetywhich pilotage services  render. "

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