Congestion free Louisiana port looks to docking 23,000-TEUers

LOUISIANA's Port of Plaquemines plans a 1,000-acre site capable of handling up to three 23,000-TEU ships, with an annual capacity of two million TEU, reports Newark's Journal of Commerce

07 September 2020 - 05:24
LOUISIANA's Port of Plaquemines plans a 1,000-acre site capable of handling up to three 23,000-TEU ships, with an annual capacity of two million TEU, reports Newark's Journal of Commerce.

The Plaquemines Port Harbour and Terminal District are starting a six-month review of the proposed project after signing a letter of intent with three other partners in August.

'I don't have bridges to overcome, I don't have legacy infrastructure to move around, and I don't have legacy labour contracts to deal with so we can build a port the way it ought to be built,' said district executive director Sandy Sanders.

Plaquemines' aspiration for a holder terminal comes as other Gulf Coast ports are competing to have bigger vessels and offer simpler admittance to the US Midwest. Houston is arranging a US$1 billion venture to enlarge and extend its channel so it can deal with two 14,000-TEU ships at the same time.

Digging and terminal updates at Mobile, Alabama, will permit that port to likewise deal with 14,000-TEU vessels. Moreover, a digging venture for the Mississippi River to go to 50 feet will permit the Port of New Orleans to deal with comparatively estimated ships.

Plaquemines, around 20 miles south of New Orleans, also handles grain cargoes. The terminal's 1,000-section of the land site would be fit for docking three 23,000-TEU ships, with up to two million TEU per year.

Different accomplices in the venture incorporate bursting organisation American Patriot Holdings (APH), budgetary consultancy Louisiana 23 Development Company, and an anonymous marine terminal administrator that would work the site.

The US Army Corps of Engineers will dredge portions of Plaquemines from its present 50 feet draft, so there will be fewer deepening expenses and upkeep.

The venture would likewise incorporate binds the site to the nearby short-line railroad, New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railway, which has a yard around five miles from Plaquemines and can carry compartments to a BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad yard west of New Orleans.

The task's designers likewise plan to fabricate a frontage road that can permit trucks on the north-south roadway interfacing Plaquemines to get to interstate parkways while bypassing New Orleans.

'New Orleans suffers that same situation as any port surrounded by a city. This is an opportunity to bypass congestion as fast and efficiently as possible,' said chief executive of Louisiana Chris Fetters.

The port additionally would like to tap Midwest grain and agribusiness transporters with improved flatboat administration. Keeping that in mind, APH is relied upon to at first convey four holder scows fit for conveying somewhere in the range of 1,700 and 2,300 TEU.

APH is moving toward US shipyards currently to manufacture the recently planned Jones Act flatboats, which would utilise melted petroleum gas (LNG) as fuel.

Building another terminal and freight boats, alongside rail ties and street upgrades, are at first expected to carry the venture's expense to about US$5 billion. That could develop with new warehousing and different ventures at the port's other 8,000 sections of land of room.

'We can negotiate new rules in labour and automation, so we can apply technologies that are implemented globally,' said Mr Fetters.

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