Cargo-partner launches new Liege hub to cope with air cargo growth

LOGISTICS firm cargo-partner has opened a new office at Liege airport (LGG) to meet recent demand growth

02 June 2020 - 19:06

LOGISTICS firm cargo-partner has opened a new office at Liege airport (LGG) to meet recent demand growth.

The company said that the new office comes on the back of strong volume growth at the airport as a result of an 'absence of flight restrictions and customer-friendly solutions' while 'other European airfreight transshipment sites have stagnated'.

'Numerous companies from the pharmaceutical and automotive industry have moved into the region and are benefiting from the favourable geographic and economic situation with a broad catchment area,' cargo-partner said.

'Thanks to the many carriers active at the Liege airport, it has developed into a significant e-commerce hub. As the cargo-partner shipping volumes at [the airport] have grown continuously, the decision was finally made to establish a new branch office, which went into operation already in April.'

The company has also opened a new office and warehouse site in Roermond, in the Netherlands, reports London's Air Cargo News.

The office in Roermond will be responsible for processing numerous national and international overland shipments by cargo-partner, while the new 7,000 square-metre warehouse will function as a consolidation centre for the regional logistics business when it opens at the beginning of June.

The site is under continuous video surveillance and is equipped with a carbon dioxide gas extinguishing system and state-of-the-art fire safety equipment. Hazardous goods can be stored in IBC containers, in drums and on pallets. The site is also suitable for the storage of hazardous goods packages.

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