Port of Virginia volumes increase 8pc to a record 2.7 million TEU in...

Port of Virginia volumes increase 8pc to a record 2.7 million TEU in FY2017

THE Virginia Port Authority (VPA), whose principal holding is Norfolk Harbour, set a record in monthly container throughput in June, increasing volume seven per cent year on year to 231,675 TEU.

13 July 2017 - 20:00 - Update: 14 July 2017 - 09:57

With this achievement, the port completed fiscal year 2017 having handled a record-setting 2.7 million TEU, a year-on year an increase of eight per cent.

"We finished fiscal year 2017 with a solid volume increase and thus marked our fourth consecutive fiscal year of volume growth," said VPA chief executive John Reinhart.

"We grew in the right areas, we moved a record-amount of volume across all modes of transportation, train, barge and truck - and did so safely - and we continue to improve our service levels," he said.

"The US$670 million we are investing to expand the capabilities and capacity at The Port of Virginia are aimed at sustaining this trend into the next several decades," Mr Reinhart said.

"The Port of Virginia team and its labour partners accomplished a lot in fiscal year 2017. We became the leading rail port on the US east coast; we announced several significant initiatives; we moved record amounts of cargo; we embarked on the biggest expansion - investment - this port has ever seen."




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