Damaged vehicles carrier Glovis Corona reached Bremerhaven

Damaged vehicles carrier Glovis Corona reached Bremerhaven

Damaged vehicles carrier reached Bremerhaven

31 December 2016 - 18:00 - Update: 31 December 2016 - 19:48

The "Glovis Corona" started the voyage to Bremerhaven in the foremidday of Dec 31, escorted by the tugs "RT Piooneer“ and "RT Innovation“ of Kotug/Smit and the police boat "WSP 5“, passing the Strom Quay around 1 p.m. and entering the Kaiser Lock in Bremerhaven at 2 p.m. with additional assistance by the tugs "RT Rob“ and "RT Peter“ on its way to the roro terminal.     ,

As reported by the police, the ship had made its way into the harbor town in the morning, accompanied by two tugs and a police boat. 

According to a government official, 1,800 vehicles are on board, including heavy trucks and at least one tank. They are to be unloaded in Bremerhaven. A

fter that the ship has to be repaired before it can continue its journey. The "Glovis Corona" was on the way from Hamburg via Gothenburg to the Middle East and had gotten in trouble before Wangerooge. The cargo had shifted during a storm after Christmas and had brought the freighter in the front. The crew had succeeded in almost completely building the ship with more ballast water.

Ballast water flowed into the cargo area

Frames, pillars and columns inside the vehicle are partly severely damaged. In addition, ballast water had flowed into a loading area, because by truck, truck and crane, pipes had also broken. How it could happen that the moored vehicles started to move at all is unclear. Material defects in belts and chains are not excluded, according to the head of the Bremen Port Authority Andreas Mai.

Government is silent on tanks on board

For whom the tanks are on board the "Glovis Corona" and where they come from, is unclear. The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control, which is responsible for issuing export licenses in principle, refers to the Federal Ministry of Economics. This is because combatants are subject to special authorization requirements under the War Weapons Control Law. The Ministry of Economic Affairs states that the Federal Government generally provides information on armament export reports. "In addition, the Federal Government can not provide information on details of certain approval procedures for the protection of business and business secrets and personal data," the ministry said at the request of NDR.de. The customs in Bremerhaven did not want to say anything about the cargo for these reasons.

The ship had fallen into a heavy sea on its way to the German Bight. The captain turned and steered the freighter into quieter waters. There lay the "Glovis Corona" until Friday, initially with almost 20 degrees of blow side.

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