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Collision in Strait of Singapore: Turkish bulker Beks Halil collided with bulk carrier
Collision in Strait of Singapore: Turkish bulker Beks Halil collided with bulk carrier

While passing the Strait of Singapore, the "Beks Halil" was in collision with a smaller bulkcarrier which was suddenly veering across its course. Monday, 04.Mar.2013, 11:45 (GMT)

Collision in Strait of Singapore

While passing the Strait of Singapore, the "Beks Halil" was in collision with a smaller bulkcarrier which was suddenly veering across its course.

Video footage shows the smaller vessel veering to port and across the course of the "Beks Halil" which was underway from Haldia to Navlakhi at that time. The smaller cargo vessel was hit on port side in the aft after it was unable to stop or alter course for the larger ship.

The Singapore Coast Guard was called to the incident but there were no reports of any injuries.

Every Captain's Nightmare

IT's every captain's worst nightmare. A 57,000-tonne bulk carrier steaming out of Singapore suddenly has a smaller vessel veering across its path.


The incident - caught on video by crew members from another ship nearby - happened in the crowded Singapore Strait, which leads in and out of the world's busiest port.

The footage shows the smaller vessel veering to port (its left) and across the course of the much larger ship.

The bulk carrier nudges the cargo vessel The collision is inevitable, as the massive BEKS line tanker is unable to stop or alter course. The Singapore Coast Guard was called to the incident but there were no reports of any injuries.

Vessel's Details- M/V Beks Halil

Ship Type: Bulk carrier
Year Built: 2011
Length x Breadth: 192 m X 32 m
Gross Tonnage: 33277, DeadWeight: 57700 t
Speed recorded (Max / Average): 11.9 / 11.4 knots
Flag: Marshall Is [MH] 
Call Sign: V7WG6
IMO: 9625798, MMSI: 538004295

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COMMENTS ( 13 Existing)
As per the video, Beks Halil was too close to the small bulker for over taking. It seems small bulker turing to port was due to interaction between vessel at first, not an intensional turning to port side. Hasan KRWednesday, 03.Jul.2013, 01:18
common sense
BEKS HALIL is over taking other and required to keep out of the say.
Small vessel veered only to port by sheer force of contact by BEKS HALIL .
I wonder what happened to bridge team of BEKS HALIL . chanderguptSaturday, 15.Jun.2013, 02:40
Negligence led to this developing situation Maher ShaabanTuesday, 12.Mar.2013, 10:11
I don't see a vessel veering intentionaly to port...I see instead a vessel out of control due to the proximity of a larger vessel...the bow wave probably start pushing the stern of the vessel...and that's come to 90 degrees of you initial course without knowing it! I remember my father had almost the same problem on the St lawrence. he was being overtaken by a larger and much faster vessel and then we lost all steering and went to a 90 degrees sharp turn just in front another vessel upbnd (we were dnbnd).
But who was at the bridge on the BEKS HALIL bulk carrier ?...somebody suggest that the officer left the bridge for few moments leaving the o/b alone...we'll see... Hubert DesgagnésTuesday, 05.Mar.2013, 05:33 should know better!
The larger ship is not a 'supertanker' It's not even a tanker. There are cranes and hatch cover on deck. It's a large bulk carrier. In any case, at only 57,000 tons deadweight a tanker does not attract the prefix 'super'. JohnBMonday, 04.Mar.2013, 13:00
COLREGs>Rule 13 – overtaking.
COLREGs>Rule 13 – overtaking. Kalandadze ShakoMonday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:49
Tuk Tuk drivers ...
Tuk Tuk drivers have graduated to the high seas it seems… Bob HarrisMonday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:49
Goats on Singapore straits :) Metin CancaMonday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:47
Two places that really I hate
Any of the straits (Dover, Messina, Bab el Mandeb, etc…Two places that really I hate – Tokyo Bay and anywhere near a cruise ship port… CAPT Steven P. Gardiner Monday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:46
Two places I hated
Two places I hated; the Strait of Malacca and the Strait of Messina. Lots of traffic and always some nut that doesn't know the rules of the road…. Sonia Balladolid Ferguson Monday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:45
the dangers of interaction
This demonstrates the dangers of interaction between vessels manoeuvreing at close quaters. The vessel being overtaken takes a shear across the bows of the overtaking vessel due to pressure from the overtaking vessels bow. The overtaking vessel appears to have not been keeping clear. willMonday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:44
just curious
What would have happened if the ship in front had of started backing down when the bigger one came alongside from astern ?—seems she would have suffered some scrapping and paint damage only —just curious mike craigMonday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:44
The overtaking vsl should keep clear
The overtaking vsl should keep clear of the vsl being overtaken. Why didn’t the “Bek” slow down and let the slower vsl pass ahead, or were they all asleep ? John Cryer Monday, 04.Mar.2013, 12:43
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