CBX Global opens subsidiary in China with four offices

CBX Global has announced the opening of subsidiary company CBX Global Asia Pacific with four offices in China

11 April 2019 - 19:00

CBX Global has announced the opening of subsidiary company CBX Global Asia Pacific with four offices in China.

CBX Global operates a wide variety of services, and it hasn't been reluctant to stray from the beaten track if customers need special services. In addition to being an ocean and air forwarder, NVOCC, custom house broker and warehouse provider, CBX Global has provided trucking and light manufacturing and even mixed chemicals for some clients.

'Like anyone who wants to stay in business, we are a solutions provider. We will sit with our clients, listen to the problems they have and see if we can provide solutions that kind of fit in our wheelhouse, said John Ford, the company's president and majority owner. 'So you'll find that in certain countries, in certain facilities they're doing something that is not being done anywhere else in the company.

The company also operates in four Central American countries - Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador - where apparel manufacturing is strong.

While CBX Global has done business in China for 15 years by partnering with agents, Mr Ford said the company decided to open its own offices because it 'saw opportunity to go into areas that were difficult to do with an agency type relationship.

He explained that a lot of frustration that shippers have when doing business in China grows out of a lack of visibility into their supply chain.

'By having our own offices, that has opened a lot of doors for us, he explained, according to American Shipper.

CBX Global Asia Pacific now has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chongqing. In China, its customers ship automotive and aircraft parts, food and a wide variety of consumer goods.

CBX Global's business in China is 'dominated by direct relationships with certain manufacturers,' said Mr Ford.

A privately held company, CBX Global has about 530 employees, moved about 25,000 TEU in 2018 and is nearing annual revenue of about US$100 million.


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