Grounding of CELIA: Negligence investigated

Grounding of CELIA: Negligence investigated

J. SIERRA Harbourmaster VALENCIA Valencia yesterday accelerated investigations will determine whether it is possible to attribute any negligence to the ship's "Celia"

26 October 2012 - 09:08

J. SIERRA Harbourmaster VALENCIA Valencia yesterday accelerated investigations will determine whether it is possible to attribute any negligence to the ship's "Celia", moored at the container terminal of the Port of Valencia after a costly bailout that has lasted for a month . Having secured the ship in port, start now "the third degree" of the investigation, according to sources in the Merchant Marine.

Official sources also confirmed detection, yesterday, an oil spill in the vicinity of the coast where rescue operations are still in the ship "BSLE Sunrise", which remains trapped in the sand in front of the Hotel Sidi Saler.

According to a spokesman of the Merchant Marine, dumping, "small entity" was detected at noon by helicopter "Helimer". Apparently this is a "very long oil slick" and "inconsequential". The sources admit they have no idea of ​​its origin even argue that it is not related nor the merchant vessel stranded or used in the rescue. Shortly before sunset, the "Helimer" last performed to confirm a new evolution of the stain. One of the Maritime Rescue vessels also collected samples of discharge that will identify the person responsible from ships at anchor in the area.


 The freighter "Celia", beached on the coast of El Saler since last Sept. 28 , was refloated Wednesday night and taken to the port of Valencia. A hundred yards from where he was stranded on "Celia" still remains trapped in the sand banks the freighter "BSLE Sunrise", which are now concentrating all available means to her rescue.

Besides administrative Harbourmaster initiated shortly after remain stranded ships, now begins another survey by the Standing Committee of Maritime Casualty Investigation.

Moreover, the Office of Environmental Valencia has requested a report to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment and the Service of Protection of Nature (Seprona) Civil Guard on the damage caused by the two ships found stranded on the beach of El Saler after the storm last September 28.

Probably Attorney incorporate his research on oil spill or oil-Salvage investigates its origin and composition, which was detected yesterday in the rescue helicopter "Helimar".

The prosecutors office opened an investigation to determine if there is some responsibility on the stranding of vessels.

The prosecutor has requested Harbourmaster a full report on the possible causes of stranding boats and particularly aims to investigate whether there is any liability for the crews in the fact that the storm left both vessels adrift and unable to resume control.

The prosecutor has incorporated this procedure Compromís's complaint, on October 20, in which an investigation is required for damage that occurred in the beach and dune environment of the area. Also questioned the political formation that the bailout of the two stricken vessels will feature a prior environmental impact.


Meanwhile, the ship "Celia" is moored and away from public view in the terminal Costa, next to the large container terminal. The Port Authority of Valencia yesterday prevented access to the ship and only facilitated the presence of photojournalists ship 70 meters separated by a fence, which made it impossible to talk to the crew and try to see first hand the circumstances that led to the vessel El Saler beach the night of September 28.

The ship will remain docked at the port until the investigation is concluded and Harbourmaster set if you are able to keep browsing.

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