TK Bremen totally dismantled, cleaned from beach


| Tuesday, 01.24.2012, 04:33 PM |   (8904 views)|

The Maltese cargo ship TK Bremen is no more existing on the beach. Cut in record time. There is nothing left of the ship aground in a storm on the night of 15 to 16 in December. Place in the recovery of the beach.
The "TK Bremen" has gone after having been cut up in record time. 

By Jan 24 there was nothing left of the ship grounded off Morbihan. Last night the last sheet was cut which had been left there for the symbolic image. The Dutch Euro-Demolition removed the wreck ahead of the fixed schedule February 1. Some residues had been brught quickly under control with rubber dinghies equipped with anti pollution devices. A magnet has systematically swept the beach for remaining debris. Screening will be done up to two meters depth and the beach be reopening for the public on April 6.

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