The full list of dead or missing at Costa Concordia accident

The full list of dead or missing at Costa Concordia accident

The name list of dead and unaccounted for due to Costa Concordia sinking is below:

23 January 2012 - 19:41


  1. Sandor Feher, Hungary, 38, crew
  2. Jeanne Gannard, France
  3. Pierre Gregoire, France
  4. Giovanni Masia, Italy, 86
  5. Thomas Alberto Costilla Mendoza, Peru, crew
  6. Jean-Pierre Micheaud, France, 61
  7. Francis Servil, France, 71
  8. Guillermo Gual, Spain, 68

7 other bodies that have been recovered from the wreckage but not identified.

UNACCOUNTED FOR (These names include 17 still missing and 7 bodies already found but not yet identified):

  1. Dayana Arlotti, Italy
  2. William M. Arlotti, Italy
  3. Elisabeth Bauer, Germany
  4. Michael M. Blemand, France
  5. Maria Dintrono, Italy
  6. Horst Galle, Germany
  7. Christina Mathi Ganz, Germany
  8. Norbert Josef Ganz, Germany
  9. Girolamo Giuseppe, Italy, crew
  10. Gabriele Grube, Germany
  11. Barbara Heil, United States
  12. Gerald Heil, United States
  13. Egon Hoer, Germany
  14. Mylene Litzler, France
  15. Margarethe Neth, Germany
  16. Russel Terence Rebello, India, crew
  17. Inge Schall, Germany
  18. Erika Fani Soriamolina, Peru, crew
  19. Siglinde Stumpf, Germany
  20. Brunhild Werp, Germany
  21. Josef Werp, Germany
  22. Margrit Schroeter, Germany
  23. Maria Grazia Trecarichi, Italy
  24. Luisa Antonia Virzi, Italy

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