Richard Smith back at helm of FedEx Express' US, global operations

RICHARD Smith, the son of CEO Fred Smith who founded FedEx decades ago, is now back at FedEx Express

17 September 2019 - 19:00

RICHARD Smith, the son of CEO Fred Smith who founded FedEx decades ago, is now back at FedEx Express. As FedEx Express regional president and executive vice president of the US domestic and US international region, Mr Smith will oversee the company's US operations and global planning and engineering functions.

In his new role, Mr Smith is tasked with ensuring the Memphis air cargo giant's various components run smoothly across different regions.

'We wanted to really elevate that global quarterback function, so we had a lot more cohesion on the planning and engineering side across the regions, which I think is working quite well in my first week on the job already,' Mr Smith told The Commercial Appeal based in Memphis.

FedEx Express' global planning and engineering functions include operations command, network planning, customs clearance and service quality, said Mr Smith, who was previously CEO of FedEx Logistics before his promotion on September 1.

Mr Smith said he has visited FedEx Express' team in Europe to talk about the ongoing integration of TNT Express, among other developments on the continent. Employees there are 'doing a great job' despite challenging circumstances including Germany's recession and Brexit, he added.

The new position will also involve keeping the company flexible during turbulent global political situations like the United Kingdom's looming exit from the European Union, Mr Smith said. FedEx said it is planning for all scenarios regarding Brexit and has a dedicated Brexit page for businesses.

'It seems to just be this recurring nightmare that you can't figure out what they're going to do, but we're prepared for when it happens,' Mr Smith said of the ongoing turmoil surrounding Brexit.

Replacing Mr Smith as FedEx Logistics CEO is Dr Udo Lange, the company's former COO and CEO of FedEx Trade Networks. Mr Lange joined FedEx Logistics in 2015, overseeing supply chain, global freight forwarding, customs brokerage operations and engineering functions.

Mr Lange is well prepared to oversee the specialty trade company thanks to his expertise in freight forwarding and supply chains, Mr Smith said.


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